1 – Teenyrex

  • At first, scientist thought the eggshell on its head was protecting a fragile skull, but later research revealed that Teenyrex actually has a strong skull and it’s just too lazy to remove the eggshell.
  • Believed to be a descendant from ancient creatures that roamed Tabula, people and Pokémon alike were fooled by their cute appearance only to be greeted by a jaw that can break bones in half.

Pokédex entries by Luis Calcaño


Pokémonday voting 4 (12-19-2022)

Prompt: Ideas for the Grass-type starter
Winning idea: A baby T. Rex (by Haelerin)
2: A moss-covered sloth (by Roxas)
3: A panflute-playing satyr/goat (by Aetos)
4: A silkie chicken with a flower on its head (by Plubcol)