100 – Plydude

  • Because of how commonly they appear, many people throughout the Tabula region have mistaken Plydude for a regular wooden plank.
  • Despite their slow mobility, their body are very strong than a regular wooden plank. Some say their bodies are much stronger than steel.

Pokédex entries by The Negotiator


Pokémonday voting 28 (7-3-2023)

And now it’s time to reveal last week’s winner!

Prompt: Ideas a Pokémon based on an inanimate object!

Winning idea: A wooden plank Pokémon (by The Negotiator)

2: A clock Pokémon (by Quinnfro, Isaac Anguiano, Griefing_g0lem, Peter Passalacqua)
3: A piñata Pokémon (by Cody Toeung)
4: A snowglobe Pokémon (by Aetos)