102 – Tazy

  • Commonly found in the desert region of Tabula, Tazy likes to be hidden under the sand for safety and comfort. It will zap anything that bothers them with a little electric discharge.
  • Tazy uses their electric antennas to guide them during sandstorms, where the visibility is almost null. For this reason, it’s popular with explorers who commonly traverse the desert region.

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Pokémonday voting 53 (01-29-2024)

Prompt: Idea’s for an electric type!

Winning idea: An Electric/Bug Tasertail scorpion pokémon (By Griefing_g0lem & the Wesinator)

2:  An electric Cheetah Pokémon (By Generic Hero & Peter Passalacqua)
3: An electric lightning bulb pokémon (by GoGoforit)