109 – Yiwee

  • Yiwee are incredibly shy and insecure. They constantly find ways to hide their appearance from others. To see the face of a Yiwee is considered a sign of good luck.
  • These Pokemon are always looking for paper to make some sort of craft out of. Whether it’s a tiny paper airplane or a giant paper mache sculpture, Yiwee always keep themselves busy.

Pokédex entries by Plubcol


Pokémonday voting 31 (7-24-2023)

Prompt: Ideas a new Dragon-type Pokémon!

Winning idea: A Chinese festival dragon (by Lord Circe)

2: A gold-hoarding dragon (by the Wesinator)
3: A Tarasque (by lokomotives)
4: A bearded dragon lizard (by the Negotiator)