117 – Pavogue



Male :

  • With a now fully developed Psychic field and wide range of vision thanks to its numerous eyes, male Pavogue can detect and snare any enemy into a hypnotized state and forcefully make it admire its beauty as long as it has eyes contact with it.

Female :

  • As for female Pavogue they remain to be passive as they keep their eyes closed. they are able to maintain a full view of everything around them with a strong psychic vision. Nothing can be hidden from them no matter how hard anyone tries to hide from it.

Pokédex entries by Chj92


Pokémonday voting 29 (7-10-2023)

Prompt: Ideas a Pokémon with distinct gender differences!

Winning idea: A peacock Pokémon (by Healerin)

2: A black widow spider Pokémon (by João Paulo Brito)
3: A mosquito Pokémon (by Nathaniel McKay)
4: A cardinal Pokémon (by GoGoForit)