12 – Pulamour


  • Male Pulamour love to show off their pompadour-like feathers. It adores receiving praise from its trainer.
  • Male Pulamour is extremely protective of its mate and young. It competes with Quaquaval in competitions to impress females.
  • Female Pulamour is a beauty icon in Tabula, popular in contests and fashion alike. Their shed feathers are a popular clothing material.
  • Female Pulamour are excellent caretakers of not just Plumini, but other young Pokémon and human children as well.

Pokédex entries by Cody Toeung


Pokémonday voting 8 (30-1-2023)

Prompt: ideas for the Route 1 bird line
Winning idea: A line of silkie chickens with gender differences (by MANY Patrons)
2: a hummingbird line (by MANY Patrons)
3: a line of thunder mockingbirds (by Gabriel Silva)