128 – Epinantis

  • This male speciment from the Formantis line was discovered not that long ago, They camouflage with their envioroment using their earthy colors to blend with the flora of the world they use this ability to hunt their prey while striking a surprise attack.
  • With superior strenght in their limbs they are capable of making fast and deathly attacks on their opponent, This formantis evolution is also shown to be very honorable during combat, figthing to the death against predators of the species.

Pokédex entries by Laid-Back Kain


Pokémonday voting 46 (11-27-2023)

Prompt: Ideas for a new Pokémon that evolves by using a Dawn Stone!

Winning idea: A male Salandit evolution! (Aetos, Thomas Brown & GoGoForIt)

2: A male Fomantis evolution (by Peter Passalacqua)
3: A male Combee evolution (by Miz Kriss)
4: A female Spoink evolution (by Haelerin)