20 – Terramorta

  • Due to lacking a presence of fellow grass types as a Terrapotta, it has become wilted. They are found frequently among Garbodor in cities.
  • They are extremely jealous of the prosperous Terraflora, even going so far as to push off grass types they carry around. They do not do the same to Terrapotta, curiously.

Pokédex entries by JessieTheAnt


Pokémonday voting 48 (11-04-2023)

Prompt: Free!

Winning idea: A potted house plant Pokémon that either flourishes with high friendship or becomes a Ghost-type with low friendship (by Lord Circe)

2: A Bug/Dragon Pokémon Frankenstein’s monster bug consisting of various bug parts (by J Gerard)
3: A Fire/Steel smith/dwarf Pokémon (by DoubleAC)
4: A Kelpie Pokémon (by Haelerin)