22 – Fensabre


  • Honorable warriors to a fault, Fensabre will always ensure a fight is fair; even if it is a life or death scenario.
  • Fensabre are always seen flying. This has led some to believe rumors about its heart stopping if it were to land.

Pokédex entries by Plubcol


Pokémonday voting 14 (3-20-2023)

Prompt: ideas for fighting type gym leader Isolde’s ace
Winning idea: a fencing hummingbird line (by Haelerin)
2: a fencing scorpion (by Kristen Shields)
3: a fencing swordfish (by Rhinastoc Roc-Boulet)
4: a fencing musk(steer) rat (by The8-BitFan)


Name origins

fencing + sabre


Creator’s notes

For these two I wanted to integrate fencing sword shapes into their designs: those of an epée and a sabre. I also decided to use the cute tailfeathers hummingbirds have to create legs for Colipée. Because pose and legwork is so important in fencing I decided to not let Colipée fly but rather have it assume the typical fencing stance using its little wings and its tailfeathers. In Fensabre’s design, the tailfeathers help suggest the typical sabre shape of the hilt.