5 – Payanuki

  • The hat atop it’s head acts as a portable campfire. It is known as a great travel companion for colder regions.
  • When sleeping, they will curl up into a ball and hide beneath their hat, emitting flames from their body. Wandering travelers have mistaken these sleeping Pokémon for abandoned campfires.

Pokédex entries by JayBlue512

Pokémonday voting 51 (01-15-2024)

Prompt: Ideas for a Payanda’s evolutions!

Winning idea: A D&D trickster/bard tanuki (by Panini Cupcake)

2: A Grass/Fire type that uses bamboo cannons (by jazzy GBA)
3: A panda D&D monk (by Foxdoc)
4: A Fire/Poison ninja (by Peter Passalacqua)