62 – Gimalum

  • The wicked pokémon -It usually likes to make its opponents angry for fun, for which it’ll use a variety of annoying screams and noises to provoke them.
  • There have been multiple Gimalum sightings near wildfires, for what local folk find them to blame. They have quite bad reputation in Tabula forest areas.   

Pokédex entries by Trigger


Prompt: Ideas a Pokémon with an unused type combination!

Winning idea: A Fire/Fairy angel + devil on shoulder trope (by Panini Cupake)

2: A Poison/Ice wood frog (by Plubcol, Ryan Shea & Panini Cupcake)
3: A Normal/Steel blacksmith (by Haelerin)
4: A Ground/Fairy gnome/dwarf (by Zonk & Kristen Shields)