74 – Bryokan

  • From a young age, Bryokan allows endangered bioluminescent mosses to proliferate across their bodies. This provides a home for the plants and a light source for themselves.
  • Bryokan are rarely seen seperate from their large colonies, contributing to and benefiting from the community and luminosity provided.

Pokédex entries by Panini Cupcake


Pokémonday voting 36 (9-4-2023)

Prompt: Ideas for a Pokémon only found in our region’s caves!!

Winning idea: A bioluminescent moss-inspired Pokémon (by jazzy GBA, Lord Circe, Aetos & João Paulo Brito)

2: A stalagtite/stalagmite-inspired Pokémon (by Nathaniel McKay, The Wesinator, Tyler Spicknell & Ryan Shea)
3: A glowworm-inspired Pokémon (by the Negotiator)
4: A cave snail-inspired Pokémon (by Stefan & The8-BitFan)