76 – Comossus

  • Comossus are typically found at the centre of their colonies. It is said that spending time with them can forever improve your outlook on life.
  • Over the course of their centuries of living, Comossus accrue an incomparable mossy coating. They will selflessly share the moss with any willing to accept it.

Pokédex entries by Panini Cupcake


Pokémonday voting 36 (9-4-2023)

Prompt: Ideas for a Pokémon only found in our region’s caves!!

Winning idea: A bioluminescent moss-inspired Pokémon (by jazzy GBA, Lord Circe, Aetos & João Paulo Brito)

2: A stalagtite/stalagmite-inspired Pokémon (by Nathaniel McKay, The Wesinator, Tyler Spicknell & Ryan Shea)
3: A glowworm-inspired Pokémon (by the Negotiator)
4: A cave snail-inspired Pokémon (by Stefan & The8-BitFan)