8 – Cravado

  • Having grown much more confident with evolution, Cravado always take time to show off a bit when getting into a scrap. They’ve always got a big grin on their face, ready for the next battle.
  • Despite knowing it’s destiny to one day become captain of its crew, Cravado is not a very good leader. The battle strategies it comes up with tend to end in violent conflicts of some kind.

Pokédex entries by Plubcol


Pokémonday voting 52 (01-22-2024)

Prompt: Ideas for Yarrby’s evolutions!

Winning idea: A Water/Ghost crab pirate captain (by Peter Passalacqua, Aetos, Plubcol & Panini Cupcake)

2: A submarine lobster with torpedo claws (by Griefing_g0lem)
3: An arctic Water/Ice pirate (by J Gerard)