83 – Fribbit

  • Fribbit is often seen to be shivering. This movement is actually its body preparing its poison. It is in a vulnerable state while doing this, however.
  • While it seems to be cold most of the time, it has no effect on Fribbit’s health. When given the opportunity it strangely refuses to heat up.

Pokédex entries by JessieTheAnt


Pokémonday voting 37 ( 9-11-2023 )

Prompt: Ideas for a Pokémon with an unused type combination (round 2)!

Winning idea: A Poison/Ice wood frog (by Plubcol, Ryan Shea & Panini Cupcake)

2: A Normal/Ice owlbear (by Shelby Kinkead)
3: A Ground/Fairy goblin/troll (by Aetos)
4: A Normal/Steel clock (by Quinnfro)