85 – Contortopus

Normal forme

Attack forme

Defense forme

  • This Pokémon prefers to make its home in underwater caves in the oceans surrounding the Tabula region. When threatened, it will use its powerful legs to either mimic a terrifying jaw or create a tough barrier.
  • The inner side of Contortopus’ legs are lined with sharp barbs that resemble teeth or brambles depending on the form it is in. While not venomous, these barbs are very painful.

Pokédex entries by Miz Kriss


Pokémonday voting 27 (6-26-2023)

Prompt: Ideas the second Gym Leader’s ace Pokémon!

Winning idea: A vampire squid Pokémon (by The Negotiator)

2: A spider crab Pokémon (by Nathaniel McKay)
3: A sea snake Pokémon (by Alex Nelson)
4: A sailfish Pokémon (by Miz Kriss)