91 – Rubrick

  • Rubrick cannot evolve until all of its faces are of a single color. The fastest time for rotating its cubes correctly is 3.13 seconds.
  • The faces on Rubrick change based on its emotions. It is said those who spend too long studying it will see its faces constantly rotating in their dreams.

Pokédex entries by JonathanIsWriting


Pokémonday voting 47 (12-04-2023)

Prompt: Ideas for a very colorful Pokémon!

Winning idea: A Rubik’s Cube Pokémon! (by Chj92)

2: A rave/glowstick Pokémon (by DoubleAC)
3: A mandrill Pokémon (by The Wesinator)
4: A traffic light Pokémon (by J Gerard)