51 – Elytragedy


  • This Pokémon uses the patterns on their shell to mimic a crying face, hoping to deter predators. Using water to their advantage as well.
  • Its shell has become a popular phone design and emote, among many Tabulan teenagers.

Pokédex entries by Miz Kriss


Pokémonday voting 56 (02-19-2024)

Prompt: ideas for version-exclusive Pokémon!

Winning idea: A comedy Pokémon and a tragedy Pokémon (by Captain Rocko)

1: A Sasquatch Pokémon and a Yeti Pokémon (by The Wesinator)
2: A marigold Pokémon and a lotus Pokémon (by Kimba)
3: A goblin Pokémon and a troll Pokémon (by Aetos)