Rapier Badge

Traiecto’s Gym Leader is the youngest descendant of a royal family that ruled the Tabula Region in ancient times. These days, the royal family holds no political power, but that doesn’t detract from Isolde’s snooty attitude. She takes Pokémon battling just as serious as fencing and is an expert at both; often even combining her two favorite professions.

Thanks to Gabriel Silva for the fencing princess idea.

Pokémonday voting 12 (3-6-2023)

Prompt: ideas for the first town’s Gym Leader
Winning idea: a Fighting-type princess (by Plubcol)
2: A Dark-type butler (by Panini Cupcake, Lord Circe, Jonathan Marion and Gomi_Protoplasm)
3: A Ghost-type gravedigger (by woodsy)
4: A Fire-type chateau chef (by Jolyon Griffith)