141 – Monitorax


  • When first discovered, many people were sent to the hospital very sick after touching Monitorax. It was later found that it has a high poisonous body as a defense mechanism.
  • Professors were in shock when they discovered that this Pokemon eyes are actually located in what appears their nose nostrils. What appears to be their big eyes is just part of their skin. Professors are still investigating the reason for this peculiarity.

Pokédex entries by Luiscalcaño

Pokémonday voting 61 (04-01-2024)

Prompt: ideas for the pseudo-legendaries!

Winning idea: A Komodo Dragon line (by Matan & Griefing_g0lem) + A line of bug dragons (by J Gerard & Peter Passalacqua)

2: A Fire/Electric line based on volcanic lightning (by Haelerin)
3: A Leviathan line (by mewsic)