45 – Concritter

  • Concritter are often found at demolition sites. It is unknown whether they gather from afar or if the rubble itself becomes new Concritter.
  • This Pokemon often rolls up into a ball, making it difficult to tell the difference between it and ordinary rubble.

Pokédex entries by Spirit


Pokémonday voting 43 (11-6-2023)

Prompt: Ideas Andrea’s ace Pokémon!

Winning idea: A concrete hedgehog with rebar spikes (by The Wesinator)

2: A wrecking ball Pokémon (by J Gerard)
3: A welding gun/welder Pokémon (by Kristen Shields & The8-BitFan)
4: A crane (bird) crane (machine) (by Haelerin & Aetos)