Tabulan Eevee

  • Like Eevee from other regions its genetic code is unique and allows it to transform into various different evolutions, However; Tabulan Eevee are known to be a lot more vicious to trainers compared to their Kantonian counterpart.
  • Due to living forests, Eevee ends up training in solitude by furiously slashing at trees until they can cut them down with one slice. This has led scientist to speculate it may be unaware of its ability to evolve.

Pokédex entries by Roxas


Pokémonday voting 24! (6-5-2023)

Prompt: Ideas for a new regional form (round 2)!
Winning idea: A fighting-type Eevee with evolutions of types kantonian Eevee doesn’t have. (by Gogoforit)
2: A rusted steel/poison skarmory (by Nathaniel Mckay)
3: A bug/grass paras(ect) without the mushroom parasites (by Lokomotives)
4: A water/poison sea snake Ekans/Arbok (by The Wesinator)