Pokémonday voting 2 (12-5-2022)

Prompt: ideas for the male player character
Winning idea: a male player character that’s clearly in the wrong game (by Zach)
2: A male trainer that’s older and going through a midlife crisis (by multiple Patrons)
3: A male trainer with a lot of feminine traits (by Judge_Dreddpool)
3: A male trainer that’s super talented, but sleepy/lazy/messy (by DoubleAC)


Pokémon voting 3 (12-12-2022)

Prompt: ideas for the female player character
Winning idea: 
a Pokémon mom that decided to go on an adventure of her own (by Miz Kriss)
2: A female trainer that’s tall and buff (by Plubcol and Roxas)
3: A female trainer that’s a grandma version of a previous female protagonist (by The8-BitFan)