125 – Spirantrum


  • Along with the fossils of Pokémon, eggshell remnants were found in the exploration areas of caves. Since the fossil was found in ice, it is theorized that Spirantrums rarely left the caves they were born in.
  • Spirantrum, is most famous for the massive spine upon its back. Scientists believe, they used this spine as a fin to better swim through the rough waters of the past.

Pokédex entries by JayBlue512


Pokémonday voting 55 (02-12-2024)

Prompt: Idea’s for the second batch of Fossil Pokémon!

Winning idea: A Spinosaurus (by The Negotiator)

1: A caveman ape (half-frozen undead forme) (by Foxdoc)
2: A Carnotaurus (by Shelby Kinkead and Peter Passalacqua)
3: A sabertooth tiger (by Captain Rocko)