126 – Fossirunt


  • Due to the interruption of the revival process, this Pokémon is practically just made of skin and bones. It seems to, somehow be unaware of this fact.
  • Fossirunt is believed to have once had a voracious appetite, when alive. It still attempts to eat, but it doesn’t provide much for it anymore.

Pokédex entries by Plubcol


Pokémonday voting 55 (02-12-2024)

Prompt: Idea’s for the second batch of Fossil Pokémon!

Winning idea: A Spinosaurus (by The Negotiator)

1: A caveman ape (half-frozen undead forme) (by Foxdoc)
2: A Carnotaurus (by Shelby Kinkead and Peter Passalacqua)
3: A sabertooth tiger (by Captain Rocko)