130 – Goleon


  • Despite it’s winged appearance, Goleon’s heavy stone body makes it unable to fly or glide. However, it still enjoys the heights of buildings with it’s ability to climb as it looks down on those below.
  • Goleon’s stone-like body is harder than the strongest diamond. It’s incredible night vision and razor sharp claws make it a true predator of the night. Being quite the territorial creature.

Pokédex entries by LittleRedline


Pokémonday voting 25! (12-5-2023)

Prompt: Ideas for the first Tabulan Eevee evolution!

Winning idea: A gargoyle Rock type (by The8-BitFan)


2: A Chupacabra Ghost type (by Plubcol)

3: A moth Poison type (by The Negotiator)

4: A reptilian Poison type (by Panini Cupcake)