131 – Wyveon


  • Wyveon can be found living in high, mountainous areas where few climbers dare to tread. It particularly enjoys volcanic caverns, since it’s thick, dragon hide gives it incredible heat resistance.
  • A naturally greedy creature, Wyveon is known to frighten off climbers and swipe up their treasures and supplies, for it’s own hording purposes. It’s knife-like teeth and molten hot breath allows it to grind up and melt any jewels they find for sustenance.

Pokédex entries by LittleRedline


Pokémonday voting 39 (10-9-2023)

Prompt: ideas for the second Tabulan Eeveelution!

Winning idea: A wyvern Dragon-type Eeveelution! (by Miz Kriss)


2: A radioactive Poison-type Eeveelution! (by The Wesinator)

3: A griffin Flying-type Eeveelution! (by Haelerin)

4: A harpy Flying-type Eeveelution! (by Generic Hero)