133 – Queengambit

  • This Pokémon is the most revered of the evolution class. There is usually only one per group in the wild. Having one in a trainer’s party is seen as a symbol of great strength.
  • Queengambit moves freely among the battlefield, using the adorned blades for both offense and defense at ease. They were highly sought after in times of war due to their battle prowess.

Pokédex entries by Miz Kriss


Pokémonday voting 42 (10-30-2023)

Prompt: Ideas for a new regional variant (round 3)!

Winning idea: A white piece Pawniard line that evolves into a Queen (by Panini Cupcake)

2: An owlbear Teddiursa/Ursaring (by Shelby Kinkead)
3: A rusted Steel/Poison Skarmory (by Nathaniel McKay)
4: A water balloon Drifloon/Drifblim (by Plubcol)