134 – Hitmongoon

  • Cast out of its Dōjō as a Tyrouge for underhanded fighting tactics, Hitmongoon took to the streets to quench its relentless thirst for battle.
  • Compared to other Hitmons, Hitmongoon’s fighting style focuses more on outright power than technique. It’s drive to win at all costs allows it to continue fighting despite taking numerous hits.

Pokédex entries by Kristen Shields


Pokémonday voting 23 (5-29-2023)

Prompt: Ideas the a new addition to the Hitmon family!

Winning idea: A dirty/street boxing Hitmon (by Generic Hero)

Runner-ups: 2: A WWE wrestler Hitmon (by Lokomotives, Haelerin, Jeffrey Solis, Loran Aelbers & TheRomanEmpire) 3: An Aikido Hitmon (by Griefing_G0lem)