136 – Lapri


  • This Pokémon was finally discovered after many great efforts towards the repopulation of Lapras. Lapri calls out to its herd in a high pitch when it senses danger.
  • After decades of Lapras being hunted, the species came back from the brink of extinction and its young is now frequently spotted. Lapri’s cry can be heard clearly both above and in the water.

Pokédex entries by Laid-Back Kain

Pokémonday voting 16 (04-03-2023)

Prompt: Ideas for a new baby Pokémon
Winning idea: A Lapras baby (by The Negotiator and Miz Kriss)
2: A Tauros/Miltank baby (by Haelerin)
3: A Tropius baby (by Ethan Nunn, Lord Circe & Spencer Schroeppel)
4: A Pinsir/Heracross baby (by Peter Passalacqua & BaronDanyD)