135 – Torkomotive


  • Researchers have seen unrelated Torkomotive follow the exact same paths to travel. If they need to reach a new destination, they carve right through rock.
  • Torkomotive are very competitive with Coalossal and other Torkomotive over coal ore, and will fight over deposits. In these battles, they charge at each other at high speeds.

Pokédex entries by JessieTheAnt


Pokémonday voting 13 (3-12-2023)

Prompt: ideas for a new evolution for a single-stage Pokémon!
Winning idea: a Torkoal evolution (by FoxdocDylan and Chj92)
2: a Kangaskhan evolution (by Kristen Shields)
3: a Kecleon evolution (by Roman Maiorano)
4: A Delibird evolution (by Peter Passalacqua & PendragonXD)


Name origin

tortoise + coal + torque + locomotive