15 – Buggow


  • Buggow can be found in burrows far larger than their diminutive size would suggest. They will often emerge for short periods to survey the local flora.
  • Large groups of developing Buggow will reside within a single nest. As they grow, they are forced out of the cramped lower tunnels towards the numerous entrances.

Pokédex entries by Panini Cupcake

Pokémonday 20 (5-1-2023)

Prompt: Ideas for the early game Bug line
Winning idea: a fluffy round bumblebee line (by Miz Kriss)
2: A stick insect line (by Lord Circe, Supercharged, Roman Maiorano)
3: An ant line with gender differences (by PendragonXD)
4: A weta line (by The Wesinator)