16 – Pupdug


  • Pupdug’s hardened carapace makes movement difficult. They cover their vulnerable lower bodies with dirt to protect themselves from any predators that may encounter them.
  • With their armoured heads poking out of the ground, Pupdug will observe their environment for days to determine the optimal pollination route once they emerge.

Pokédex entries by Panini Cupcake

Pokémonday 20 (5-1-2023)

Prompt: Ideas for the early game Bug line
Winning idea: a fluffy round bumblebee line (by Miz Kriss)
2: A stick insect line (by Lord Circe, Supercharged, Roman Maiorano)
3: An ant line with gender differences (by PendragonXD)
4: A weta line (by The Wesinator)