18 – Terrapotta

  • Terrapotta can be seen around young grass-type Pokémon, as it’s healthy for them. They sometimes even try to carry around baby grass-types in the dirt inside its pot-shaped body.
  • Terrapotta’s body is only the pot holding the dirt and sprout, but curiously it cannot survive without the soil and plant it’s holding.

Pokédex entries by JessieTheAnt


Pokémonday voting 48 (11-04-2023)

Prompt: Free!

Winning idea: A potted house plant Pokémon that either flourishes with high friendship or becomes a Ghost-type with low friendship (by Lord Circe)

2: A Bug/Dragon Pokémon Frankenstein’s monster bug consisting of various bug parts (by J Gerard)
3: A Fire/Steel smith/dwarf Pokémon (by DoubleAC)
4: A Kelpie Pokémon (by Haelerin)