17 – Burrowbee


  • Upon growing to full size, Burrowbees emerge from their birthplace. The mane of hardened dirt and earth they have to circumvent when forcing their rotund bodies out will typically stay attached for life.
  • Beloved by gardeners for their benevolent nature. When feeding from flowers, they will fill their various pollen sacks with as much pollen as they can carry to ensure that the local plant life flourishes.

Pokédex entries by Panini Cupcake


Pokémonday 20 (5-1-2023)

Prompt: Ideas for the early game Bug line
Winning idea: a fluffy round bumblebee line (by Miz Kriss)
2: A stick insect line (by Lord Circe, Supercharged, Roman Maiorano)
3: An ant line with gender differences (by PendragonXD)
4: A weta line (by The Wesinator)