39 – Sheputy

  • Sheputy has an outstanding sense of smell and can track their targets from kilometers away. It’s the preferred pokèmon of Tabula law Enforcements.
  • This pokèmon can run kilometers without getting tired and has great endurance. This is useful when it’s chasing down his natural enemy Bandigoon.

Pokédex entries by Luis Calcaño


Pokémonday voting 34 (8-14-2023)

Prompt: Ideas for two Pokémon that are sworn enemies!

Winning idea: A cop dog and a robber raccoon (by Chj92)!

2: A tortoise and a hare (by Haelerin & Isaac Anguiano)
3: Thespian drama masks (by Lee Pollero)
4: An orca and a shark (by Russell Hale & Lokomotives)