40 – Bandigoon

  • This Pokémon is constantly trying to steal everything it sees. However, if it notices a Sheputy, it will immediately drop its loot and run.
  • Often found sneaking around in populated areas, Bandigoon always looks for knick knacks that it can swipe when no one is watching.

Pokédex entries by UnSaxon51


Pokémonday voting 34 (8-14-2023)

Prompt: Ideas for two Pokémon that are sworn enemies!

Winning idea: A cop dog and a robber raccoon (by Chj92)!

2: A tortoise and a hare (by Haelerin & Isaac Anguiano)
3: Thespian drama masks (by Lee Pollero)
4: An orca and a shark (by Russell Hale & Lokomotives)