67 – Florb

  • This Pokèmon loves to lie around and receive massages from bakers and loves to feast on yeast and semolina flour. Florb is usually seen hanging with Fidoughs.
  • Florb usually gets mistaken as regular pizza dough quite often and bakers tend to roll it out by accident, this doesn’t bother florbs however; they quite enjoy it.

Pokédex entries by Roxas


Pokémonday voting 35 (8-28-2023)

Prompt: Ideas for a Pokémon based on food!

Winning idea: A pizza Pokémon! (by Tyler Spicknell)

2: A gingerbread Pokémon (by Cody Toeung)
3: A banana(split) Pokémon (by Haelerin)
4: A (cup)cake Pokémon (by Generic Hero