68 – Hizza

Open forme

Closed forme

Hizza Open Forme:

  • This gooey companion accidently got put into the pizza oven and came out anew. Hizza now usually spends its time sitting behind glass in the local pizza shop, it misses being squishy.
  • Hizza might look like a your everyday cheese pizza but it has a hidden defensive maneuver where it will spit out peppers seeds it consumes at potential predators.

Hizza Closed Forme:

  • Hizza hides its face away in the crust that is bound to use it as both an offensive and defensive tool. It will headbutt any predator approaching it while protecting its face.
  • This form allows Hizza to travel between places since its not limited to its open forme restricting its travel. The eye holes are made to help Hizza see where it goes.

Pokédex entries by Roxas


Pokémonday voting 35 (8-28-2023)

Prompt: Ideas for a Pokémon based on food!

Winning idea: A pizza Pokémon! (by Tyler Spicknell)

2: A gingerbread Pokémon (by Cody Toeung)
3: A banana(split) Pokémon (by Haelerin)
4: A (cup)cake Pokémon (by Generic Hero