70 – Ouroboruo

  • The endless spinning of Ouroboruo sometimes makes observers dizzy. However, for most it creates a calming effect.
  • The two halves of an Ouroboruo maintain a constant speed with each other. No one knows what happens if one successfully catches the other.

Pokédex entries by UnSaxon51


Pokémonday voting 44 (11-13-2023)

Prompt: Ideas for Pokémon #69!

Winning idea: An Ouroboros Pokémon (by Panini Cupcake, Peter Passalacqua & TKhaldi)

2: A cancer (♋︎) zodiac sign Pokémon (by Griefing_g0lem & Haelerin)
3: A two-faced doll that flips to change expression (by Kristen Shields)
4: A Magatama Pokémon (by J Gerard)