69 – Orboro

Black forme

White forme

  • This playful Pokemon is obsessed with the ball at the end of its tail. It will chase it for hours on end, pausing only to eat or rest.
  • It is said that the only thing that can distract an Orboro from its tail sphere is one of the same color as its own body.

Pokédex entries by UnSaxon51


Pokémonday voting 44 (11-13-2023)

Prompt: Ideas for Pokémon #69!

Winning idea: An Ouroboros Pokémon (by Panini Cupcake, Peter Passalacqua & TKhaldi)

2: A cancer (♋︎) zodiac sign Pokémon (by Griefing_g0lem & Haelerin)
3: A two-faced doll that flips to change expression (by Kristen Shields)
4: A Magatama Pokémon (by J Gerard)