32 – Curladura

Pokè Ball

Ultra ball

Great Ball

  • Curladura, the master of disguise Pokémon, exhibits a playful charade by mimicking various Poké Balls. While its initial appearance may deceive trainers and Pokémon alike, a closer examination reveals a robust steel armor.
  • Curladura employs its cunning disguise to lure unsuspecting creatures and trainers into its cleverly set trap, but when it’s ready to attack, it opens up its strong steel armor super fast to catch Pokémon and trainers who got too close.

Pokédex entries by K1mh_


Pokémonday voting 38 (10-2-2023)

Prompt: Ideas for a Pokémon that disguises itself as a Poké Ball!

Winning idea: An armadillo that rolls up into a Poké Ball shape! (by Panini Cupcake, Aetos & Kenneth Parker)

2: An actual mimic with nasty teeth (by Plubcol & LuigiThunder25)
3: A pixie wearing Poké Ball halves as a hat (by Haelerin)
4: A snail that uses Poké Balls as its shells (by John Brito)