33 – Pedatot

  • Pedatot known for its preference for lofty heights, can often be spotted perched high in the trees, snugly nestled in a nest crafted by the Pokèmon itself. 
  • Pedatot, a curious Pokèmon, is known for its alert nature. If startled, this charming creature emits a sweet, high-pitched croak. 

Pokédex entries by K1mh_


Pokèmon vote 39 ( 10-9-2023 )

Prompt: Ideas for a Pokémon that roams the Tabulan plains!

Winning idea: A secretarybird (by Panini Cupcake)

2: A cheetah (by Generic Hero)
3: A yak (by Peter Passalacqua & Aetos)
4: A Dalecarlian horse (by Miz Kriss)