88 – Takedge


  • Takedge are known for play-fighting in the wild by hitting their blades together. When not in combat, they are seen wearing their sheathes as armor to protect from unwanted attacks.
  • The first of these Pokémon were discovered on old film sets. It is rumored that they are possessed by spirits who once worked on these films.

Pokédex entries by Jayblue512

Pokémonday voting 58 (03-11-2024)

Prompt: an ecologically similar (convergent) Pokémon!

Winning idea: A chambara version of Honedge/Aegislash (by Generic Hero)

2: A jellyfish version of Shroomish/Breloom (by The Wesinator)
3: A mountain goat version of Skiddo/Gogoat (by Aetos)
4: A plant version of Shellder/Cloyster (by Gabriel Silva)