89 – Wooblade

  • Wooblade grows a second sword from his own body after evolution, this powers his offensive capabilities and offers an advantage over their opponents during combat, however this lets him open for counterattacks.
  • Rumors say that the only few Takedge capable to evolve in to Wooblade, are the more prestigious individuals in the film industry.

Pokédex entries by Laid-Back Kain

Pokémonday voting 58 (03-11-2024)

Prompt: an ecologically similar (convergent) Pokémon!

Winning idea: A chambara version of Honedge/Aegislash (by Generic Hero)

2: A jellyfish version of Shroomish/Breloom (by The Wesinator)
3: A mountain goat version of Skiddo/Gogoat (by Aetos)
4: A plant version of Shellder/Cloyster (by Gabriel Silva)